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Pianist Gergely Bogányi unveils a futuristic piano

A new Hungarian concert grand, championed by and named after Hungarian pianist Gergely Bogányi (41) differs from other designer pianos of recent vintage in both looks and tone thanks to the high-tech solutions used to build it.

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When and why was the Hungarian football “Golden Team” first formed?

If Ferenc Rudas had not broken his leg on March 19, 1950, during a match against Postás, this article perhaps would have never got written. Until the accident, Rudas had been certain to play right back in the Hungarian national soccer team, which were later to become the “Golden Team”. But because of the accident, Jenő Buzánszky got Rudas's function - and kept it for many years. Until last Sunday Buzánszky was the last living member of the legendary association football squad.

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SNB's out-of-blue move justifies Hungary's FX loan conversion into local currency

Hungarian FX borrowers were relieved to learn that they are unaffected by the Swiss National Bank's scrapping of the cap on the franc on Jan. 15 because their loans had been converted into forints in 2014 by government fiat. Look at excerpts from reactions in the Hungarian print press.

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Refugee pressure on gateways to Europe rises

In 2013-14 the number of refugees pounding on Hungary's door doubled, which means Hungary became the third gateway to the European Union. The refugees don't wish to stay here though because of the adverse conditions in holding facilities and the slim chance of getting asylum. Deportation hardly solves the problem because many of the refugees try again.

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“Radicalism likely provokes radicalism” - reflections on attack on Charlie Hebdo

“I think nothing should limit the freedom of the press but every word has consequences,” says philosopher András Lánczi. The head of the Institute of Political Science of Corvinus University, Budapest, and of the Századvég (End of Century) Foundation, he discusses human dignity, profanity, and fundamentalist liberalism in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris.

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