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Hungary: ideal gateway for West-bound asylum-seekers

By mid-February 2015 more asylum-seekers had entered Hungary than the whole of the European Union by late March 2014. Where are they coming from? Of all the countries of the European Union, why are they converging on Hungary? Why is this country a prime destination for Kosovars? Why is the ostensibly impenetrable Schengen frontier full of holes?

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“Governance is the art of controlling the moment,” pro-government commentator says

In his blog Gábor G. Fodor (40), a leading mind of the rightwing think tank Századvég, has this to say of himself: “I'm not an analyst. I'm a political thinker.” Look at excerpts from a lengthy interview - which has caused considerable excitement in the Hungarian political class.

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Former ecological supremo skeptical of Paks 2

Former environmental state secretary Zoltán Illés has recently spilled his guts for any journalist coming his way on the alleged incompetence of the Hungarian government's green policies. But if that's his story, why did he work for that government for four years in the first place?

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Minister Hende: “Hungarian-American military cooperation is excellent”

“During these exercise our soldiers have proved how well they can cooperate with the American soldiers in the alliance,” Hungarian Defense Minister Csaba Hende declared at the Pápa airbase of the Hungarian Defense Forces on February 26 during a NATO tactical exercise. Lieutenant-General Frederick Ben Hodges, Commanding General, United States Army, Europe, said the Hungarian soldiers deserve the best matériel and training because of their excellent level of preparedness.

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Budapest Airport has ambitious plans

Budapest Airport will spend HUF 25 billion on fixed assets in the next five years, its CEO, Jost Lammers (47) has told Figyelő. A hotel and a cargo terminal will be built. Terminal 2 will have to be expanded if it wishes to handle an annual 12 million passengers by 2020.

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