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Is Hungary's opening towards the East that good an idea? - economist asks

Over the past few weeks government officials have repeatedly suggested that thanks to the policy of opening up to the East, exports to destinations outside the European Union should climb up to one-third of overall exports by 2018. That outcome, they say, will have nothing to do with the multinationals, for it will be achieved by a fivefold increase in the number of Hungarian small and medium sized enterprises ready to join the export market.

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Hungary welcomes increasing numbers of foreign students

If the Hungarian government's strategy works out well, the number of foreign students in Hungary could triple in five years or so, meaning that the number could go up from the current 18,000 to 60,000 by 2020.

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Hungarian librarian stumbles into MS of famous sonata by Mozart - an interview

A researcher only has such luck once in a lifetime, music historian Balázs Mikusi (42) has told this weekly. He has accidentally found a sheet music by Mozart, which he showed to the public for the first time during the Long Night of Researchers in Budapest late last week.

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Canadian industrialist Hasenfratz praises Hungarian work culture

Frank Hasenfratz, founder and chair of the Board of Directors of Linamar Corporation, an Ontario, Canada-based multinational, is satisfied with the way Hungarians work and he sees no deterioration in the Hungarian investment environment in recent years. Hasenfratz told Figyelő weekly why he refrains from getting involved in politics in Hungary.

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Revolutions and their aftermath: interview with György Dragomán, author of “The White King”

Nine years after his novel of international reputation, The White King, was published, Hungarian writer György Dragomán has published a new novel. Bearing the Hungarian title of Máglya (“The Bone Fire”) and to be published in early October by Magvető publishing house of Budapest, the novel retells the story of a teenage girl who is in search of freedom on the ruins of a repressive regime.

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