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Uncertainties as to whether to dispose spent fuel of Paks in Hungary or in Russia

Fuel rods damaged during a 2003 incident at the Paks nuclear power plant in Hungary have been transported to Russia for processing. Undamaged nuclear fuel could also be transported to Russia yet it is momentarily stored at Paks.

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“Doubts in my abilities only doubled my zest,” chess wizard Judit Polgár says

Perhaps not the most talented among the three Polgár sisters but her extraordinary determination to win has made her a towering personality of chess. Having recently announced her resignation from competitive chess, she is now busy seeking more appreciation of logic and creativity in public education.

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Hungarian emigrants return only if Hungary performs better - an interview

If the Hungarian economy could demonstrate the kind of growth potential over the coming 10-15 years that would really reduce the GDP and wage gap, it could increase chances for many of the people who've gone abroad to work to come home, Barnabás Virág, the central bank's chief of economic forecasting and analysis told Figyelő.

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Pannonhalma Abbey - a truly contemporary institution

How to give relevance to a thousand-year-old abbey? The Benedictines of Pannonhalma are doing their best to achieve that. To refurbish their facilities, they hire the services of celebrated architects, operate a winery, and have fragrant hand crèmes produced. In July 2014 they inaugurated a new visitor center.

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If Hungary wishes to attract multinationals, it must be predictable

In the past four years the multinationals that operate in Hungary and have signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Hungarian government have paid over 80 percent of their profits in dividend. These “friends of the government” as they are considered did not find the Hungarian business environment fit for reinvesting their profits. The growth of those companies has slowed down in recent years but they pay a higher corporate tax.

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