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Middle-class volunteers lend a hand to the homeless

A growing number of grassroots charities distribute food for the homeless and the poor in Budapest. Many of them started as isolated acts of individuals but they are getting better organized.

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Hungary is not isolated internationally - a former ambassador says

János Csák, who has served as Hungary's ambassador to the United Kingdom, discusses various timely domestic and international issues: GMO, TTIP, Ukraine, Hungarian-Polish relations, the interplay of business and diplomacy, and the dynamics of strategy vs. day-to-day implementation.

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Turkey is crucial as a transit country for Russian gas - Orbán

Turkey and Hungary have shared economic interests - the two prime ministers stressed in Budapest talks.

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Brokerage scandals - Which is the next one?

Hungarian small investors are wondering if the series of scandalous bankruptcies of Hungarian brokerages in recent weeks have come to an end. There are certain signs of panic. The waning of investor confidence might affect stable, Hungarian-owned financial firms too. Hungarian Economy Minister Mihály Varga has told this weekly that inspection rules will soon be made stricter.

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Hungarian-US rapport improves

Now that the US has a new ambassador in Hungary: Colleen Bell, you might ask if relations between Hungary and the US are changing. Sources that Heti Válasz have asked have confirmed that saying that Washington has become more pragmatic and Budapest is now more responsive to US interests in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership talks and Paks 2.

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