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Refurbished, Liszt Music Academy is worthy of its glorious past

The Franz Liszt Music Academy of Budapest has received the Europa Nostra Award in the conservation of cultural heritage category. The two-year renovation of the building was completed in fall 2013. We carry an interview with András Batta, rector of the Academy between 2004 and 2013, who was the unflagging powerhouse of that ambitious project.

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Child poverty is an undeniable fact in Hungary

Our compilation of excerpts from press articles offers conflicting statements about child poverty in Hungary. Even the pro-government media admit the problem but they stress improvement in recent years. The opposition media express displeasure over what they perceive as deterioration.

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Glass artist György Gáspár finds inspiration in science fiction

Glass and synthetic resin works by glass artist György Gáspár are widely known within and outside Hungary. Elton John has recently bought in a London private gallery his Uranium IV, a sculpture half a meter in height and weighing 35 kilos.

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Maverick teacher hooks teens into studying literature

Her students love the lessons of Hungarian literature and some of them even find inspiration to write poems of sorts. But the scene of this “miracle” is not some posh private high school for the elite. It's an ordinary, local trade school for future cabinetmakers aged 14-18. The trick is the inventive techniques the lady teacher, Blanka Sulyok uses: she includes in the curriculum poems by contemporary Hungarian authors, lyrics of rap music songs and slam poetry. More, she doesn't even mind if he

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Fidesz to analyze causes of its third failure at special elections

Numerous questions need to be answered across the political spectrum in the wake of the national-radical Jobbik party having won a special election at Tapolca, 140 km southwest of the capital, Budapest, ahead of the candidate each of the Fidesz-KDNP ruling coalition and the opposition Socialists.

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