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Hungarian foreign policy takes a pragmatic turn

Foreign policy and external economic policy are not separate animals. Ever since the current government took office, international economic policy, foreign affairs, and cultural diplomacy have been in one and the same hand.

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Writer Péter Nádas laments the absence of citoyens and social elite

The talk with writer Péter Nádas covered a broad range of topics, including our mined civilization, an individual's war of independence, the weakening memory of the 1956 Revolution, ideal society as envisioned by [writer] Miklós Mészöly. The conversation took place at Balatonfüred during a conference dedicated to Nádas's works.

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1989: new documentary features Miklós Németh's help bring down Berlin Wall

The fall of the Wall demanded serious sacrifices. A new documentary-cum-thriller, entitled “1989”, shows earnest simultaneous efforts made at the top and among ordinary people.

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Hungary's brain research program looks encouraging

In a single year neurological disorders have cost the European Union EUR 798 billion euros (USD 1,011 billion), which is 1.5 times more than the five next most expensive disorders put together. Tamás Freund, chief of the National Brain Research Program used this comparison to explain the need for more research in this field.

  tamás freund  national brain research program


“Karaoke and rubber mallets” - Palace of Arts opens in Shenzhen

Comparatively few concert halls are like the one that opened in Shenzhen, China, two weeks ago, thanks to the efforts of Hungarian architects. Designed by Hungary's Gábor Zoboki the cultural and sports facility is 100,000 square meters in size and its largest auditorium strongly resembles Budapest's Palace of Arts - just as it should.

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