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Hungarian PM's speech reaps the whirlwind - a wrap-up of Hungarian media responses

If it's summer in Băile Tușnad (Tusnáfürdő), Harghita county, Romania, this must be Viktor Orbán delivering his annual address during the Bálványos Summer Free University and Student Camp. The polarized Hungarian media have responded profusely.

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Major Hungarian investors still wary of investing in intellectual products

A virtual Central European patent institute supported by the Visegrad Group (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia) could be set up in Budapest before the year is out. Its job would be to hunt up inventions that have come out of universities and the business world but have fallen flat, and to take them onto the stock market, said Miklós Bendzsel, chief of the National Bureau of Intellectual Property.

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Hungary beset by growing regional differences

The gap between the fast-growing and sluggish regions of Hungary is widening, we learn from a new study on the status of the country's various districts. Budapest and the northwest regions are head and shoulders above the rest, in particular the northeast and the disadvantaged areas along the Dráva River in the southwest corner of the country.

  regional differences  disadvantaged regions  economic and enterprise research institute


Who did what before Hungary's FX loan crisis got this bad - an in-depth analysis

Hungary's Supreme Court - Curia - has passed a uniformity decision on the foreign exchange denominated mortgage loan (FX loans) and then a draft law was published on certain aspects of this complex issue. It is clear from the Curia's decision that it's tough to find legal means to tackle social problems especially because the public had expected the judiciary to solve this serious problem. The government doesn't intend to bail out all mortgage borrowers so it has passed some of the responsibilit

  zsolt ződi  saving barrowers  fx loans  curia unifrmity decision


Hungarian glove to translate sign language into voices

A team of young experts of the Institute for Computer Science and Control of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA SZTAKI), and Euronet Hungary Inc., have created the prototype of a “translator glove” that helps the hearing impaired to communicate with people unfamiliar with the sign language.

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