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Trolley bus driver makes wheelchair people's dreams come true

Viktor Brandt professes that people in wheelchair are just like you and me - and for him actions speak louder than words. In recent years he has organized and occasionally even financed numerous events that in Hungary would be inaccessible for the physically disabled.

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A few Hungarians do help migrants after all

It is estimated that some 1500 migrants enter Hungary on their way to Western Europe daily. Since late June 2015 hundreds of Hungarian volunteers give humanitarian assistance at railroad stations to the Kosovar, Afghan, Syrian etc migrants.

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Fewer, older Hungarians by 2060

By 2060 the population of Hungary (9.9 million today) might fall by 2 million, every third Hungarian might be over 65 and the number of childless families might steeply rise.

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Ultra-triathlete Ferenc Szőnyi takes part in the toughest running race there is

La Ultra demands almost superhuman performance from those bold enough to take part. The runners cover 333 kilometers within 72 hours up in the Himalayas. The elevation is 5700 meters and oxygen is scarce. As the very first Hungarian in the history of the race this year Ferenc Szőnyi has been invited and due to his records he didn't even need to qualify. This is not very surprising given that he had previously completed a triple deca-Ironman.

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Pope Francis calls a spade a spade

During his visit to Bolivia in July Pope Francis delivered speeches that have kept commentators busy way beyond Catholic circles ever since. We carry excerpts from an opinion piece in

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