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Public support is key if Hungary wishes to host 2024 Olympics

In this interview Gusztáv Bienerth, a member of the Hungarian Olympic Board of Trustees, stresses opportunities over risks that are involved in Hungary's bid for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games.

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Wall or not, migrants will keep coming - senior police officer says

In the present international legal framework nothing can be done to halt the migrants. Police Colonel Gizella Vas, senior officer at the Hungarian Border Police, explains why.

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Helping the disabled enjoy life through sports

Hungary has some 300 000 physically disabled but you see fewer of them in the streets than in the West. That's because disabled access is far from being universal in Hungary yet. But worse than the physical obstacles is the misconception that the disabled are bound to live a sedentary and closeted life. Suhanj! is a Hungarian foundation to reject that fallacy.

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Jobbik's surge baffles pundits

Fact: in 2014 Jobbik won 11.5 percent at the parliamentary elections, 14.7 percent at the elections for European Parliament and has 8 mayors. It leaves analysts agape why. We carry excerpts from the transcript of a brutally candid round table discussion of noted social scientists.

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Specialist says drive to entirely eradicate alcoholism is hopeless

“Hungarian society is very far from realizing the full danger of alcoholism. We, Hungarians have numerous individual and nationwide mechanisms for mitigating the risks and harms of alcoholism. Hungary is doing very poorly in terms of the diseases and mortality related to alcoholism. Actually, we are among the worst in the world in this field,” Zsolt Demetrovics, Hungary's premier addiction specialist warns.

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