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“Empowerment and nothing else is cure” - an interview with physiotherapist Anna Dévény

Hungary is well off in offering treatment for infants born with problems: parents looking for assistance can choose from (at least) three (hotly competing) institutions and methods.

  annie fischer  smt  special manual technique  anna dévény


Economist calls for entrepreneur-friendly environment

Reduce bureaucracy and make policy-making more predictable. Give more scope to small enterprises - these are some of the recommendations to the government by a renowned Hungarian economist.

  bureaucracy  predictability  small enterprises  magdolna csáth


Natural horsemanship guru Gyula Mészáros says horses deserve better - an interview

“Horse whisperer” - that's the moniker used of trainers who can develop a special rapport with horses by their presence, words and body language. Gyula Mészáros doesn't use that term and yet he is Hungary's best known horse whisperer.

  human-horse relationship  animal rights  natural horsemanship  horse whisperer  gyula mészáros


Kolosi and Gulyás speak out in parallel interviews on advertising tax

Following the Hungarian parliament's decision on introducing the advertising tax, relations between the Hungarian government and RTL Klub - the whipping boy of the story - soured. RTL Klub's prime time evening news show, which used to be more entertainment than “info,” has since been beefed up with segments critical of cabinet members and policies. Heti Válasz (No. 26) has separately interviewed Péter Kolosi, programming director of RTL Klub, and Gergely Gulyás, a deputy speaker of parliament.

  economy  advertising tax heti válasz  péter kolosi  gergely gulyás  rtl


Law on advertising tax undergoes repeated amendments

The law on advertising tax was amended just a few weeks after its adoption and then the amended version was amended again. RTL Klub commercial television channel sees those developments an attack targeted at it but the Hungarian government considers that a move to prevent tax avoidance.

  advertising tax  rtl  amendment  lászló l. simon


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