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Can the government pull practically anything off? 1/4

Népszabadság has sought written responses from top analysts with differing political affiliations to a series of questions at the forefront of public interest in October 2014. The questions: Has the Fidesz party's Achilles' heel been found? If not, what might that Achilles' heel be, assuming it has one? If yes, how come it was the Internet tax of all things? Is there anything that Viktor Orbán might go up against where he'd come out the loser?

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Nándor Batizfalvy: Hungarian policeman who saved lives during WWII

Tribute has been paid to a little known Hungarian police constable who saved the lives of numerous Jews in Budapest in 1944. A memorial plaque praising his activities has been unveiled in a secondary school in Budapest.

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Internet tax is just one of the political scandals hitting Hungary

By putting his Internet tax plans on the back burner, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán also hushed his own internal opposition. Not that he can sit back: he has been making enemies ever since he launched his “freedom fights” in 2010.

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Going against the tide - how did Hungary manage to get caught in this international vice?

The Internet tax dispute temporarily covered it up, but once the idea of introducing the tax was dropped, Hungary's other “list of sins” came back onto the front burner. “Heti Válasz” is now taking a look at the list to see which of the American and European Union criticisms have become irrelevant, which are the ones where Hungary has won a skirmish and which are those we're about to lose.

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Bad choices or big mistakes? - Moderated discussion of commentators Gábor G. Fodor and Gábor Török

For Fidesz, magnanimity sometimes comes out looking like a systems failure, say both analysts Gábor G. Fodor and Gábor Török, who also agree that United States Charge d'Affaires André Goodfriend is a competent professional. But what else do the Americans have up their sleeve?

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