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Ultra-triathlete Ferenc Szőnyi takes part in the toughest running race there is

La Ultra demands almost superhuman performance from those bold enough to take part. The runners cover 333 kilometers within 72 hours up in the Himalayas. The elevation is 5700 meters and oxygen is scarce. As the very first Hungarian in the history of the race this year Ferenc Szőnyi has been invited and due to his records he didn't even need to qualify. This is not very surprising given that he had previously completed a triple deca-Ironman.

ultra-marathon  la ultra  ferenc szőnyi  ultra-running  sport


Helping the disabled enjoy life through sports

Hungary has some 300 000 physically disabled but you see fewer of them in the streets than in the West. That's because disabled access is far from being universal in Hungary yet. But worse than the physical obstacles is the misconception that the disabled are bound to live a sedentary and closeted life. Suhanj! is a Hungarian foundation to reject that fallacy.

suhanj! foundation  running  sport  disabled people


Ascent of Hungarian Flying Dutchman wizards from Lake Balaton to world fame

Helmsman Szabolcs Majthényi and crew András Domokos won their first world Flying Dutchman World Championship title about twenty years ago and their eleventh one in January 2015. They have made Hungary top nation in this racing dinghy sport.

world champions  flying dutchman  andrás domokos  szabolcs majthényi  sport


Look at Hungary's Athletes of the Year roundup

A gala evening was held in Budapest on December 18 to announce the winners of the Hungarian Athletes of the Year title.

krisztián berki  katinka hosszú  athletes of the year  sport


Praise players rather than intimidate them - Hungarian water polo skipper advises

Interviewed by the weekly Figyelő Hungarian national water polo national manager Tibor Benedek speaks of his transition from player to coach and the energies a multicultural environment can infuse into world water polo.

tibor benedek  water polo  sport


Hungarians in the top of Europe in water sports

Hungarian Swimmer Katinka Hosszú and water polo player Dénes Kemény are among the stars of the vote LEN, the European Swimming Federation has organized.

sport  famous  Hungarian


1953: England vs Hungary 3:6 – Up close and personal through English eyes

Sixty years ago today, November 25, 1953, Hungary beat England, the originators of soccer, 6:3 in the Wembley Stadium in London, England, in an international friendly match. We still look at it as “the match of the century”.

sport  famous  Hungarian


Madrid pays tribute to Magic Magyar Puskás

Entitled “Puskás Homage”, weeks of remembrance have started in Madrid. A bust of Ferenc Puskás, perhaps the best known Hungarian in history, has been unveiled, erstwhile companions reminisced about him during a forum and an exhibition of objects related to his life has been opened. The show is expected to draw over a hundred thousand visitors.

sport  famous  Hungarian


Proving how gutsy you are is your strongest drive – ultra runner says

Szilvia Lubics of Hungary has won this year’s Spartathlon with an all time record for women. She ran 246 kilometers between Athens and Sparta in 28 hours, shaving an hour from her own record of two years before.

sport  Hungarian  famous


Hungary fares well at ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships

Hungarians did a very good job at the ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships in Duisburg, Germany (August 27–September 1, 2013): they picked up 7 gold medals, 5 silver and 5 bronze.

sport  Hungarian  famous


Hungary bags four gold medals at FINA Championships

At the Barcelona 2013 FINA World Aquatics Championships in Barcelona, Spain, Hungary won additional gold medals in the final two days. On Friday, August 2, Dániel Gyurta took gold medal in 200 m breaststroke. The next day the Hungarian men’s water polo team played Montenegro in the final.

sport  Hungarian  famous


Budapest to host 2021 FINA World Aquatics Championships

Hungary’s sensational presentation did the job! The FINA (the International Swimming Federation) Bureau, which began meeting in Barcelona on July 19, chose Hungary to host the World Aquatics Championships scheduled for 2021.

sport  Hungary  International Swimming Federation


Britain’s Got Hungarian Talent – Talents without borders

For the second time this year Hungarians have managed to excite the world’s leading talent scout. Some members of the British audience are displeased with the success of foreigners, but why did these Hungarian teams have to go on to Britain after losing in the Hungarian equivalent talent show, Csillag Születik (A Star is Born) to get noticed at home?

Hungarian  London  sport


Hungarian acrobatic basketballers aim high

There are only about half a dozen acrobatic basketball teams in the world, including Face Team in Hungary, whose members do slam dunks in between breath-taking back flips and spins.

sport  Hungary


Running tourism brings visitors to Hungary

Leading news agencies have recently listed the jogging track circling Margaret Island on River Danube in Budapest among the five most scenic places to jog in the world. Subsequently, CNN’s website – the 70th most widely read website in the world – recommended the Budapest Marathon to readers for October 2013 in an article on marathon events around the world.

tourism  sport


Crime and unprecedented punishment

No other decision of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee could have done more harm to the Hungarian Football Association (MLSZ) than ruling that the next World Cup qualifying match against Romania be played behind closed doors.

sport  Hungary  Romania


An athlete’s heart

Dániel Gyurta fulfilled his promise in Norway during the same weekend that the International Fair Play Committee decided to hand out this year’s most prestigious international Fair Play award to the Hungarian swimmer for his gesture of fair play.

sport  Hungary


Bombs are fine, bananas are not – FIFA would purge stadiums of racism while ignoring problems in the rest of the world

Indeed, they have let us off cheap. Citing racist and anti-Semitic incidents during the Hungarian–Israeli exhibition soccer match held on August 15 last year, which did start out friendly, the Disciplinary Committee of international federation FIFA went only as far as ruling that the next World Cup qualifying match against Romania, scheduled to take place on March 22 this year, a mere 219 days after the incidents cited, be played behind closed doors – although they could have enforced a much harsher punishment: a point deduction.

sport  Romania


Gyurta: the man who shares his gold medal

At first sight, Dani Gyurta’s gesture is utterly perplexing. What’s exciting though is not so much what he did, outstanding as it may be (handing over a replica of his Olympic gold medal to the family of his late friend and training partner); what’s exciting is who did it.

sport  Hungary


The winner takes it all – Departure of kayakers

Events are moving fast in kayak/canoe sport in Hungary, especially as far as Natasa Douchev Janics (Nataša Dušev-Janić) is concerned. Attila Ábrahám, secretary general of the kayak-canoe federation is making no heads or tails of this conundrum either. The only thing the federation can do to keep the athletes in Hungary, he says, is to consider each case on its merit.



Sports minus participants – Playoff

Sports managers in post-communist Hungary changed absolutely nothing about the way sports were handled. The clubs, which train the sporting elite, are just as unconcerned with the vision of promoting a sporting nation as they were in the bad old days.

education  health  sport


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