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Jobbik's surge baffles pundits

Fact: in 2014 Jobbik won 11.5 percent at the parliamentary elections, 14.7 percent at the elections for European Parliament and has 8 mayors. It leaves analysts agape why. We carry excerpts from the transcript of a brutally candid round table discussion of noted social scientists.

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Fidesz to analyze causes of its third failure at special elections

Numerous questions need to be answered across the political spectrum in the wake of the national-radical Jobbik party having won a special election at Tapolca, 140 km southwest of the capital, Budapest, ahead of the candidate each of the Fidesz-KDNP ruling coalition and the opposition Socialists.

tapolca  by-election  fidesz  jobbik  lajos rig  gergely gulyás


Sand in the Fidesz wheels?

Massive soul-searching is underway in Hungary's ruling Fidesz party to find out why did its voters stay away from the polls at the by-election in town of Veszprém on February 22, 2015, and thereby let an independent candidate win?

fidesz  by-election  viktor orbán  jános lázár  antal rogán  árpád habony  péter szijjártó


“Governance is the art of controlling the moment,” pro-government commentator says

In his blog Gábor G. Fodor (40), a leading mind of the rightwing think tank Századvég, has this to say of himself: “I'm not an analyst. I'm a political thinker.” Look at excerpts from a lengthy interview - which has caused considerable excitement in the Hungarian political class.

gábor g. fodor  fidesz  orbán viktor  századvég


Thrusts and retreats mark Hungarian government policies

Let's have a look at six recent episodes when the Hungarian government had to correct its policies in view of popular indignation.

road tolls  advertising tax  relocating ministries  internet tax  fidesz  government  retreat  legislation


Commentators G. Fodor and Török disagree on whether Fidesz is sliding just like MSZP in 2007

Gábor Török draws a parallel between former PM Ferenc Gyurcsány of 2007 and Viktor Orbán's present situation. Challenging his stance, Gábor G. Fodor is convinced that the recent demonstrations came in time to oblige Fidesz to rethink is policies and will rebound.

viktor orbán  ferenc gyurcsány  mszp  fidesz  gábor török  gábor g. fodor


“Our goal is a democratic political community,” an organizer of demos says

The recent demonstrations are just the first step to create a democratic political community in Hungary and the organizers plan to ratchet up the process in January, Gábor Vágó, a former legislator for the LMP Politics Can Be Different party says in an interview with the business weekly Figyelő.

demonstrations  gábor vágó  fidesz  viktor orbán


Scholar rebukes political opponents for not trying to learn more about each other

In-depth political and ideological analysis of why the Left-Liberals and the Right cannot understand each other in Hungary.

fidesz  left-liberal  opposition  viktor orbán


Can the government pull practically anything off? 3/4

Népszabadság has sought written responses from top analysts with differing political affiliations to a series of questions at the forefront of public interest in October 2014. The questions: Has the Fidesz party's Achilles' heel been found? If not, what might that Achilles' heel be, assuming it has one? If yes, how come it was the Internet tax of all things? Is there anything that Viktor Orbán might go up against where he'd come out the loser? If so, what is it?

ágoston sámuel mráz  fall 2014  fidesz  internet tax  viktor orbán


Internet tax is just one of the political scandals hitting Hungary

By putting his Internet tax plans on the back burner, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán also hushed his own internal opposition. Not that he can sit back: he has been making enemies ever since he launched his “freedom fights” in 2010.

internet tax  viktor orbán  fidesz  political scandals  fall 2014


Bad choices or big mistakes? - Moderated discussion of commentators Gábor G. Fodor and Gábor Török

For Fidesz, magnanimity sometimes comes out looking like a systems failure, say both analysts Gábor G. Fodor and Gábor Török, who also agree that United States Charge d'Affaires André Goodfriend is a competent professional. But what else do the Americans have up their sleeve?

andré goodfriend  the us  fidesz  gábor török  gábor g. fodor


About the new government and the dilemmas of municipality elections

June 2014: the newly installed Fidesz-led government is laying the groundwork for the next four-year term. As far as the selection of ministers and state secretaries is concerned, continuity is the name of the game. However, by rewriting the law on the local government elections, a twenty-year old system is to be modified. The latter change doesn't seem to be favorable for Budapest's incumbent mayor, István Tarlós, and some observers even question its constitutionality.

fidesz  new government  local government elections 2014


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