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Enterprising rural Roma embark on organic truck farming

The micro-region of Cserehát, NE Hungary, has been synonymous with poverty. But Melinda Kassai and her associates have been employing the principles of Social Business as defined by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus and rally local Roma and non-Roma villagers to grow organic vegetables for the market. Initial results are promising.

organic farming  pro ratatouille program  roma


If donors are found, solar energy might bring light to run-down homes in Hungary

If you have never lived in a home without electricity, you cannot appreciate access to electric light. You don't need to visit some out of way, poor corner of Earth to find people without access to electricity. The tiny Roma village I'm writing of consists of run-down houses and uncovered streets. It's less than half an hour's drive from Budapest.

roma  light  solar energy  poverty  fényhozó  gábor daróczi


Gypsy craftsmen used to be indispensable - exhibition in the Budapest Museum of Ethnography

Need household appliances? Nowadays you can easily buy them in hardware stores. But there was a time when you had to wait until craftsmen visited your house with their ware. Until January 4, 2015, the Budapest Museum of Ethnography has an exhibition about the history of migrant braziers, pot menders and trough carvers. Note that some itinerant craftsmen still rove the roads offering their services to eke out a living.

itinerant traders and handicraftsmen  roma  exhibition  museum of ethnography


Proposed slum-clearance stirs controversy in Miskolc - For and against

On May 8 Népszabadság broke the news that the local government of the town of Miskolc (north Hungary, population about 170 000) has adopted an ordinance that eventually seeks to rid the town of slums.

miskolc  poverty  slums  roma  demonstration


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