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A few Hungarians do help migrants after all

It is estimated that some 1500 migrants enter Hungary on their way to Western Europe daily. Since late June 2015 hundreds of Hungarian volunteers give humanitarian assistance at railroad stations to the Kosovar, Afghan, Syrian etc migrants.

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How long can Europe withstand migration pressure?

Unless Europe takes a united stand to handle the current, frantic influx of migrants, Europe as we know it will come to an end in the foreseeable future.

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Regional survey: why do East European expats stay in the West?

Many of the Hungarian expatriates in the West originally meant to work away from home just for a few years but eventually they never return. Most of them remit money to their relatives but, paradoxically, the remittances might have a negative effect on the Hungarian economy.

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Canada helps hundreds of refugee claimants return to Hungary

In two months over 200 refugees returned to Hungary under the auspices of a reintegration program devised by the Canadian government. The Miskolc area and Budapest are the main destinations.

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Victor Ponta’s goverment gives up joining Schengen

While Romania will most likely be prevented once again from joining the Schengen Area due to an unexpected protest by Germany, a dispute has broken out in Bucharest between the cabinet and the Office of the President.

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Migration – One tenth of graduates leave Hungary

An ever-increasing number of people move abroad from Hungary. According to 2011 data, 13 percent of college and university graduates left the country altogether.

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EU weary of US access to European data stored in American Internet cloud

The rights of European Union citizens have been exposed to serious risks: US President Barack Obama has signed an amendment to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), whereby the United States might access private data stored in the Internet “cloud” should it consider that necessary for its national security. Hearing the news may have sent shivers up the spine of EU citizens, Russia Today (RT), a Russia-based global English-language television network surmised yesterday.

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Migration in the new Europe

A few recent pieces of news: British Prime Minister David Cameron promises to reduce migration into Britain. The Netherlands has installed surveillance cameras on its borders, which were thought to have become symbolic for a long time.

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