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How long can Europe withstand migration pressure?

Unless Europe takes a united stand to handle the current, frantic influx of migrants, Europe as we know it will come to an end in the foreseeable future.

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Hungary: ideal gateway for West-bound asylum-seekers

By mid-February 2015 more asylum-seekers had entered Hungary than the whole of the European Union by late March 2014. Where are they coming from? Of all the countries of the European Union, why are they converging on Hungary? Why is this country a prime destination for Kosovars? Why is the ostensibly impenetrable Schengen frontier full of holes?

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Refugee pressure on gateways to Europe rises

In 2013-14 the number of refugees pounding on Hungary's door doubled, which means Hungary became the third gateway to the European Union. The refugees don't wish to stay here though because of the adverse conditions in holding facilities and the slim chance of getting asylum. Deportation hardly solves the problem because many of the refugees try again.

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