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Ethnic Hungarian party in Romania says “Transylvania is not a colony of Bucharest”

Monday Jul 22, 2013

editor | Source: Hungarian News Agency

The Hungarian People's Party of Transylvania (PPMT) organized demonstrations on Saturday, July 20, involving 119 towns and villages in Transylvania to protest the Romanian government’s “regionalization” plan and demand the preservation of the historical regions as well as autonomy.

A declaration written by the PPMT was read throughout the region. “Transylvania is the enchanted garden of the Carpathian Basin and is not Bucharest’s colony,” they wrote, warning that both the Hungarians and the Romanians of Transylvania would lose out if the regionalization being “forced upon them” by Bucharest went ahead. Hungarian State Secretary for Foreign Affairs Zsolt Németh spoke in the village of Leordeni (Lőrincfalva) in Mureş county at a village fair on Sunday. “The new public administration concept paper may not yet have planned on it but that does not change the fact that the Szekler Region is a unified and indivisible region. There will be a time when this will be recognized when drawing the lines of public administration,” he said. (MTI)

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