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How long can Europe withstand migration pressure?

Friday Jul 10, 2015

Timár Gábor | Source:

Unless Europe takes a united stand to handle the current, frantic influx of migrants, Europe as we know it will come to an end in the foreseeable future.

The conservative Hungarian commentary website puts into perspective the Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó’s recent announcement that Hungary would build a 4 m tall, 175 km long wall along the Hungarian–Serbian frontier. Excerpts from the opinion piece:

“I don’t know if the Islamic State has a strategy but if I were them, I would purse exactly this strategy. I would force millions of people to flee from their homeland. And where can they run? Their only reasonable destination is Europe. The Islamic State cannot attack and occupy Europe with direct military means but if Europe is subjected to about half a million refugees yearly, it only takes the maximum of two decades to reduce Europe to obedience. Obviously Hungary is not a prime target but if France and Germany turn Muslim, how long could Hungary hold out?



“Apparently the network is in place to transfer hundreds of thousands of migrants to Europe by infiltrating state borders, crossing the Mediterranean or simply boarding airliners. Let us face the question: is there a European network in place – in legal, moral and physical terms – that could transfer nearly the same amount of migrants back where they come from? Like it or not, the answer is that there isn’t. Now then, immediate action should be taken at least to reduce the inflow.

“The wall Hungary is planning to build along its southern border cannot in itself save Hungary. However it can force migrants and human traffickers to reconsider certain routes and might oblige decision-makers in Serbia and the European Union to respond in some way.

“When you oppose Hungary’s restrictive measures by invoking the human rights of the migrants, let me put this question. Has an Afghan/Syrian/Iraqi refugee the right to enter Hungary without a visa? Yes? And have a hundred thousand of them the same right? And two hundred thousand? Hungary certainly couldn’t handle such a deluge of migration.

“As long as the West cannot come forward with a win-win formula – and the sooner the better – to handle this migration crisis with united European action and as long as the West doesn’t create its own reception system alongside the main routes of migration but outside its own territory, migrants will keep pouring on Europe by the hundreds of thousands. No single wall can turn the tide.


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