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Helping the disabled enjoy life through sports

Friday Jul 17, 2015

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Hungary has some 300 000 physically disabled but you see fewer of them in the streets than in the West. That's because disabled access is far from being universal in Hungary yet. But worse than the physical obstacles is the misconception that the disabled are bound to live a sedentary and closeted life. Suhanj! is a Hungarian foundation to reject that fallacy.

“The doors of the deformed man are always locked, and the key is on the outside. He may have treasures of charm inside, but they will never be revealed unless the person outside cooperates with him in unlocking the door. A friend becomes, to a much greater degree than with the ordinary man, the indispensable means of discovering one's own personality. One only exists, so to speak, with friends.” The progressive US journalist Randolp Bourne wrote that in The Atlantic Monthly in 1911. (Bourne's face was deformed at birth by misused forceps, and, at age four, he suffered tuberculosis of the spine, resulting in stunted growth and a hunched back.)

It is those friends that can be found in Suhanj! Foundation.



Suhanj! means “May you Enjoy Speed!” in English.

For several years now Suhanj! has been organizing training sessions for the physically and visually disabled in jogging, spinning (cycling on stationary bikes), yoga, kranking (upper body rotational exercise) and swimming.

Suhanj! raises funds to let the disabled feel happiness from endorphin while doing the most varied exercises.

Videos on what they do can be found here, here and here.

The disabled people benefiting from such assistance won’t become Paralympics celebraties but can live a more rewarding life.

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