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Public support is key if Hungary wishes to host 2024 Olympics

Wednesday Jul 29, 2015

Viktor Lengyel and József Gyüre | Source: Heti Válasz

In this interview Gusztáv Bienerth, a member of the Hungarian Olympic Board of Trustees, stresses opportunities over risks that are involved in Hungary's bid for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games.



A: In Greece [which hosted the 2004 Summer Olympic Games] the follow-up utilization of the Olympic facilities was never taken into consideration. But if a host country makes appropriate preparations and organization is transparent, the Olympic Games can only benefit the host country.

Q: How to guarantee that the organization of the 2024 Olympics in Hungary should be free of corruption?

A: Consensus is the precondition of success. To achieve true public authorization, we need transparency and public debates. A thorough, 1300-page-long feasibility study has already been drawn up. It is the Hungarian political parties’ responsibility to agree to cooperate for the common goal and then monitor implementation. … The Hungarian organizers foresee “cost-efficient” Games, which will not include over-ambitious, over-priced projects. The feasibility study offers a timetable for implementation. Its hundred-page executive summary is already available for the public.

A: It is beneficial for Hungary that the 20124 Olympic Games will take place after the Agenda 2020 program of the IOC will have been introduced. The IOC has pledged to give preference to bids that promise cost-efficient, sustainable and transparent Olympics. The interplay of sports and culture will feature high – and that also favors Hungary. Note that, if in 2017 the IOC chooses Hungary, this country will get USD 1.5 billion as prepayment for the television broadcast rights. That is a massive sum.



What we spend on preparations will repay itself economy-wise and image-wise even if Hungary can only make it to the short list of three candidate countries.

Q: Which sector of the economy would benefit from the Olympics directly?

A: A hundred thousand jobs would be created in tourism and catering, construction, media, infrastructure and transport, and major projects would start in numerous provincial towns.

Q: What are the weaknesses of the Hungarian bid?

A: To supply the sufficient amount of accommodation and have enough sports diplomats.

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