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Paks 2 to invite international bids after all

When it was launched, it was a Russian-Hungarian scheme but a year on it is to go international. The European Commission is considering whether to criticize certain aspects of the project while German and French firms are to bid when international tendering opens. Foreign executives are to be hired for both Paks 1 and 2.

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European Commission and Budapest disagree on interpretation of land laws

The Hungarian government is trying to point out the faults in regulations governing the sale of arable land in the European Union-15 to try to escape the legal proceedings initiated against it because of its own restrictive ownership laws.

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Paks 2 might end up costing billions of dollars in penalties

Expert on Euroasian energy issues puts Paks 2 in international context and discusses other hot energy issues.

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Turkey is crucial as a transit country for Russian gas - Orbán

Turkey and Hungary have shared economic interests - the two prime ministers stressed in Budapest talks.

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Brokerage scandals - Which is the next one?

Hungarian small investors are wondering if the series of scandalous bankruptcies of Hungarian brokerages in recent weeks have come to an end. There are certain signs of panic. The waning of investor confidence might affect stable, Hungarian-owned financial firms too. Hungarian Economy Minister Mihály Varga has told this weekly that inspection rules will soon be made stricter.

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