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Antibiotics are overused in humans and livestock

Resistance to antibiotics can be a factor in the death of 25 000 persons in Europe annually. The alarming stat has been mentioned during a European food security forum, hosted by the Milan World's Fair.

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Former environmental chief blows the whistle on government practices

“Politicians and tree-huggers regard each other assholes,” sums up the relationship between the Establishment and the environmental movements in Hungary Zoltán Illés (54), who served as state secretary for environmental protection in 2010-14. Excerpts from an exceptionally outspoken interview.

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Former ecological supremo skeptical of Paks 2

Former environmental state secretary Zoltán Illés has recently spilled his guts for any journalist coming his way on the alleged incompetence of the Hungarian government's green policies. But if that's his story, why did he work for that government for four years in the first place?

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Shale gas extraction: Should Hungary get on board or stay put?

At this moment exploration for shale gas is underway in Hungary, made particularly topical by the collapse of the South Stream project, the country's dependence on Russian gas, and concerns over the fighting in Ukraine. Look at extracts from relevant Hungarian press articles.

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Nov. 2015 Paris climate summit will be crucial - new UN high official warns

János Pásztor (60) of Hungary is new assistant secretary-general of the United Nations as of February 1, 2015. His main duty is to secure a new climate treaty. He believes that today chances are much better for that than a few months ago.

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