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Croatian ambassador promises interconnection pipeline by 2019

Though Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó has recently said Hungarian-Croatian bilateral political relations are at an ebb, Croatia's Ambassador to Hungary, Gordan Grlic Radman has told Magyar Nemzet that it would be a mistake to reduce the many-faceted relations of the two countries to the dispute between energy firms INA and MOL.

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Wall or not, migrants will keep coming - senior police officer says

In the present international legal framework nothing can be done to halt the migrants. Police Colonel Gizella Vas, senior officer at the Hungarian Border Police, explains why.

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Hungary grants aid to ethnic Hungarians in western Ukraine

These days aid worth hundreds of millions of forints is sent to ethnic Hungarians in Subcarpathia, Ukraine. The donors include the Hungarian government, municipalities, NGOs and entities beyond Hungary's borders. The campaign to collect goods to be sent to Ukraine is going on and further consignments can be expected.

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Ongoing war in Donets Basin worries ethnic Hungarians in Berehove district

Unless the Ukrainian-Russian conflict gets better any time soon, wide swaths of ethnic Hungarians of western Ukraine might decide to emigrate. What are the most painful problems and how could they be remedied?

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“Musical chairs” at the Hungarian Foreign Ministry

In Hungary the Foreign Ministry is in an upheaval. To bolster foreign trade, the ministry has been thoroughly reshuffled and numerous tested diplomats got their walking papers. The scandal of the Quaestor Group has tarnished the image of the ministry as it affects Hungarian trading houses abroad, though, supposedly, those trading houses are the engines of the Hungary's new external economic drive.

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