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Remembering Hungarians' accomplishments in Cannes

László Nemes is not the first Hungarian filmmaker to have won accolades in Cannes.

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Historian denies rumor on “expiry” of Treaty of Trianon

It has been rumored in Hungary for years that the Trianon peace dictate was created for 100 years and that Hungary would get back its lost territories by 2020. A historian explains why that is a myth.

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Krasznahorkai's latest prize matters for all Hungarian novelists

That László Krasznahorkai (61) has been awarded the Man Booker International Prize benefits two generations of Hungarian novelists including Imre Kertész (86), Ádám Bodor (79), Péter Nádas (73), György Spiró (69) and Péter Esterházy (65).

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Son of Saul - Novice helmer László Nemes stuns Cannes with profound film

Entitled: “The Dignity of the Victim,” in Élet és Irodalom, flagship weekly of Hungarian literati, the veteran film critic devotes a page-long review to László Nemes's Son of Saul, which has won Grand Prix du Jury at Cannes.

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Refurbished, Liszt Music Academy is worthy of its glorious past

The Franz Liszt Music Academy of Budapest has received the Europa Nostra Award in the conservation of cultural heritage category. The two-year renovation of the building was completed in fall 2013. We carry an interview with András Batta, rector of the Academy between 2004 and 2013, who was the unflagging powerhouse of that ambitious project.

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