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Hungarian CEOs slightly more optimistic - PwC survey indicates

Hungarian executives are optimistic about the next 12 months, and are keeping a vigilant eye on Berlin.

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Tokaj Trading House takes brave steps to restore reputation

Adulteration scandal, cartel accusations, sales freeze - the tale of the renewal of the government-owned Tokaj Trading House (Tokaj Kereskedőház), the biggest viticultural facility of the northeastern Tokaj region, leads through some rather ugly events. We have interviewed András Tombor, chair of the company's supervisory board about the January management changes, the new wine, and a surprising media purchase.

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Richter Pharmaceuticals is now a European multinational

Though the Ukrainian economy is tanking, Gedeon Richter Pharmaceuticals Plc is sticking it out, according to its CEO Erik Bogsch (68). The company is financially sound enough to survive even tougher times, he says. A full interview follows.

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Snapshots of Hungarian startups that thrived in 2014

Now that 2014 is bowing out, let's take a look at some of Hungary's successful startups in technology.

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ICT can only develop in Hungary if for more experts are trained

Hungary's information and communications technology (ICT) companies are marked by fast progress, higher than average added value and an increasing shortage of experts.

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